Amazon ppc Lecture 2 by marlene H.

Amazon PPC Strategy: Climbing the Ranks to Profit

We’re diving into something you’ve all been asking about: Amazon PPC, or pay-per-click. It’s a big deal for sellers, and it’s time to break it down.

PPC Ads: What Are They?

Alright, when you’re working with PPC ads on Amazon’s Seller Central, your goal is pretty straightforward. You want your product to pop up whenever someone searches for something you sell. Picture this: you’re shopping for ‘beads for bracelets’ on Amazon. You type that into the search bar, and a whole list of bead options appears. The products you see right at the top that are marked ‘sponsored’? Those are there because of PPC ads. The sellers of those products are paying a bit of money for those top spots so that when you’re looking for beads, you see their products first.

Amazon PPC Mastery lecture 2

The First Organic Result

Take a look at the first item that pops up without the ‘sponsored’ tag—that’s what we call the top organic result. This product shows up first because it’s really popular or relevant when people search for ‘beads for bracelets’. The seller behind this product has worked hard on their keyword ranking, which means they’ve made sure to use the right words and phrases that people are typing into Amazon when they look for beads. Because of their good ranking, they don’t have to spend money on ads to be noticed—they’re already front and center on the first page when you search.

Keyword-Specific PPC

PPC isn’t about just spending money to get your product seen. It’s smarter. You pick out the exact words that shoppers use to search for items like yours. Then, you pay to have your ad show up when people use those words. This way, you’re not just buying ads. You’re buying a spot for your product right where shoppers are already looking.

Why Run PPC?

The goal? To get your product here, at the top. You want those clicks and sales. And here’s the kicker: when you start getting more sales from your PPC ads, your organic ranking for those keywords can start to climb, too. Eventually, you want to be like the non-sponsored listing—sitting pretty at the top without paying for each click.

That’s the rundown on PPC. You’re paying to get seen, and with the right strategy, you can move up in the rankings

The Organic Climb

Remember, every click and purchase from your PPC ad isn’t just a sale—it’s a step up the organic ladder. Your product could start on page seven, but with the right PPC strategy, it can climb up to page one. That’s where you want to be, where you can potentially ease off on the ads.

Profit and PPC

Take a look at this example: this product here isn’t running ads. They’ve climbed the ranks organically. Each sale they make is pure profit, no ad spend to worry about. But these other listings? They’re still paying for their spot. They have to factor the cost of PPC into their profit margins because they’re buying their visibility.

Bidding for Positions

So, how do you get to be the first, second, third, or any specific position in the PPC lineup? It’s a bit like an art auction. Let’s dive into that.

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