Case Studies

Amazon PPC Case Study 1

🔶 Key Findings from the Audit: During our thorough audit, we observed several areas that required attention and optimization to maximize your advertising performance. 🔹 Aggressive Research Campaigns: The previous…

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Amazon PPC Case Study 2

We were approached by a renowned German car brand to conduct a comprehensive audit of their Amazon advertising account. Upon assessment, we discovered that the account had only two campaigns…

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Amazon PPC Case Study 3

The client, a Pet Brand, faced a significant challenge when all their campaigns with a monthly spend of $7,000 were mistakenly archived. As a result, the two parent listings that…

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Amazon PPC Case Study 4

We were approached by a client just before their seasonal products were about to launch. The client sought our expertise to harness the potential of the seasonal search volume increase…

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Amazon PPC Case Study 5

The client, an 8-figure brand with 200+ active listings and a monthly revenue range of $800k to $1M, sought our expertise to expand their brand’s reach and visibility. Approximately 30%…

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