Amazon PPC Case Study 1

Amazon PPC Case Study 1

🔶 Key Findings from the Audit:

During our thorough audit, we observed several areas that required attention and optimization to maximize your advertising performance.

🔹 Aggressive Research Campaigns: The previous approach involved excessive aggression in research campaigns and product targeting, resulting in fluctuating budgets and unhealthy spending spikes.

🔹 Overemphasis on Competitive Keywords: While your niche generates substantial monthly sales, the focus on highly competitive keywords posed challenges due to powerful competitors with extensive customer reviews.

🔹 Inconsistent Budget Allocation: The inconsistency in budget allocation led to budget cap fluctuations, affecting the stability of the ad campaigns.

🔹 Limited Keyword Targeting: With fewer than 30 targeted keywords, the scope for reaching potential customers was restricted.

🔶 Our Strategic Approach:

In response to the audit findings, we devised a comprehensive strategy to optimize your advertising campaigns and drive results.

🔸 Strategic Bid Management: We identified over 230 target keywords and set bids lower than market averages. Additionally, we increased the Top of Search (TOS) to 110% for better visibility.

🔸 Budget Stabilization: We implemented a stable budget allocation to maintain control over ad spend and optimize performance.

🔸 Keyword Optimization: By continuously monitoring and optimizing high-performing keywords, we achieved top-ranking positions for 9 keywords, successfully liquidating the initial inventory as requested.

🔸 Campaign Restructuring: We improved the campaign structure with a better naming convention, facilitating ease of future optimization.

🔸 Video Display Campaigns: We targeted customers who purchased from competitors in the last 180 days through video display campaigns.

🔸 High ROI Campaigns: Our creation of low-hanging fruit campaigns helped generate sales with excellent returns on investment.

🔸 Focused Budget Allocation: The reallocation of the ad budget towards profitable campaigns and high-converting search terms enhanced overall performance.

🔶 Remarkable Results:

Our diligent efforts and strategic approach resulted in impressive outcomes:

• Increased the Spend by 8%
• Boosted Sales by 48%
• Improved Order Volume by 39%
• Amplified the ACoS by 103%
• Enhanced Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) by 50%
• Uplifted Total Ad Costs by 90%

🔶 Moving Forward:

With the campaign optimizations and structured approach, we are confident that our continued efforts will drive even greater success for your advertising initiatives. Our team is dedicated to maintaining this momentum and achieving your business objectives.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are thrilled to be part of your growth journey and look forward to continued collaboration.

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