Amazon PPC Case Study 3

Amazon PPC Case Study 3

The client, a Pet Brand, faced a significant challenge when all their campaigns with a monthly spend of $7,000 were mistakenly archived. As a result, the two parent listings that generated a combined monthly revenue of $100,000 experienced a gradual decline in both organic and sponsored ranks. To address this issue, the primary objective was to set up a new campaign structure to regain lost ranks and boost revenue.

The Amazon PPC expert initiated the recovery process with a detailed account analysis. The analysis involved identifying converting and non-converting search terms to understand the impact of the archived campaigns on sales performance. Based on the data collected from the account’s $15,000 ad spend in the last 60 days, converted keywords and ASINs were identified. Additionally, the expert determined the keywords that were responsible for the majority of sales and also recognized branded keywords.

To organize the recovery strategy effectively, the data was divided into three distinct groups: “attack,” “defend,” and “rank.”

Attack: The “attack” set focused on targeting the top converting ASINs. By running targeted campaigns, the goal was to regain visibility and sales for the most impactful products.

Defend: The “defend” set involved campaigns that targeted branded keywords and the brand’s own product pages. This approach aimed to protect the brand’s presence and prevent competitors from occupying key placements.

Rank: The “rank” set consisted of campaigns targeting the keywords that were historically responsible for the highest number of sales. By prioritizing these keywords, the aim was to reclaim top-ranking positions in the search results.

The results of the new PPC setup were remarkable. Within the first month of implementing the campaign structure, the Pet Brand regained lost ranks and experienced a staggering 100% increase in Ad sales. Furthermore, the ACOS decreased by 5%, indicating a more efficient utilization of the advertising budget.

In conclusion, the strategic approach of dividing the data into different sets and setting up targeted campaigns allowed the Pet Brand to successfully recover lost ranks and significantly boost sales. The expertly crafted Amazon PPC recovery plan not only restored the brand’s visibility but also contributed to an overall improvement in advertising performance.

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