Amazon PPC Case Study 5

Amazon PPC Case Study 5

The client, an 8-figure brand with 200+ active listings and a monthly revenue range of $800k to $1M, sought our expertise to expand their brand’s reach and visibility. Approximately 30% of their total sales were derived from Ads, maintaining a highly efficient ACOS below 10%. The primary objective was to further expand the brand’s presence through Display and Branded Campaign Funnels.

Our approach to achieving this goal involved the following steps:

Comprehensive Brand and Competitor Research: We conducted in-depth research to understand the various personality types interested in the client’s products. By identifying the target audience segments, we gained valuable insights into the preferences and behaviors of potential customers. Additionally, a detailed competitor analysis was carried out to identify products with similar audiences and market positioning.

Display and Branded Campaign Funnel Setup: Utilizing the data gathered from brand research and competitor analysis, we strategically designed and set up a Display and Branded Campaign Funnel. The aim was to improve the brand’s reach and visibility in front of the identified target audience.

Display Campaigns: We crafted compelling Display campaigns to showcase the brand’s products to potential customers across various online platforms. By targeting relevant audience segments with engaging ad creatives, we aimed to increase brand awareness and attract new customers to the brand.

Branded Campaigns: In addition to Display campaigns, we implemented Branded campaigns to reinforce the brand’s presence among users who were already familiar with the brand. These campaigns targeted branded keywords and product names, ensuring that the brand maintained a strong and consistent presence in search results.

The results of our efforts were highly successful:

60% Increase in Overall Glance Views: Through the implementation of the Display and Branded Campaign Funnel, the brand experienced a remarkable 60% increase in overall glance views on their Amazon account. This impressive surge in visibility indicated that the brand was effectively reaching a wider audience and gaining more attention within the marketplace.

In conclusion, our approach of conducting extensive brand and competitor research, coupled with the strategic implementation of Display and Branded Campaign Funnels, proved to be highly effective in expanding the brand’s reach and visibility. The significant increase in overall glance views on the account demonstrated the success of our efforts in enhancing the brand’s presence and attracting potential customers to the client’s products.

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